Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lions and Lambs

After watching the movie last night directed by Robert Redford...I never knew it came out btw...I started reviewing my many paths not taken for whatever reason and I came to the conclusion that at many points I have been so careless and thoughtless of others and their needs that I find myself falling into a rut that just seems to get deeper the farther I go into it. Occasionally I am able to pull myself out but just when I get far enough out there to expose myself and take a deep breath of the good air...I get hit by the "Whack a Mole" hammer!

Anyway not to get off track with this but change is coming for me. It has to come and I need it to happen now. I have to loose some weight...not for medical reasons but simply because I am tired of this. That is the first step and the second is to continue being the lion that I need to in order to prepare my children for the cold, reality that will hit them in a few years...Simply because they don't need lambs leading them when they get out in the world.


  1. Reinvention.... I love to reinvent myself. Just try NOT to make as many changes as I have! For the LOVE.

    My tickets (U2 / Muse) were not as expensive as I thought they would be. I got insurance so I could get a refund if needed (with kids you always have to do that kind of crap) and the best seats available at the time. It was about $250 for two tickets by the time I was done! Still, a deal to see a legend like U2 - and you KNOW how excited I am about Muse.

    I like the Lion leading the Lambs. Yes, you need to turn the Lambs into Lions who can take care of themselves. Daunting task......

  2. Well we are not going to be able to go...I hate that but honestly it is tough to pull away from work and such for that night. I am headed out of town a bunch in the next few weeks so home time is going to be precious.