Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WHOAA! Its been a long time since I posted here

I don't know if anyone follows or reads this much if at all but I just thought I would drop in and put up this little update.

Oct 1 2010 - Call from my boss; job being terminated on Dec 1st. I am stunned and unable to talk for about 3 minutes but then I come back to him immediately asking if they were would be willing to have an independent manufacturers representative...same job just me working for commissions only.

Oct 2 2010 - Call back from boss; yes we can work out the details. Lets get started immediately so we can keep you on board and moving forward.

Oct 10 2010 - Proposal sent and negotiations on agreement begins for me to start 2 Dec.

Oct 30 2010 - In Wisconsin to talk with boss and HR to make sure that everything is going to be OK. They are actually worried that I will not be able to make it work. Puts a bug in my ear to show them a thing or two about me as a person.

Dec 1 2010 - Bad day for me. Job gone and it finally hit home that I wasn't going to have a regular paycheck anymore. Seriously depressed.

Dec 2 2010 - First day of working for myself. Turns out it was OK for a while.

Fast forward to August 3 2011 - Its been a rough year so far but pretty good. Bills are being paid and life is continuing. I am working on a few other companies to represent and they are finally beginning to make headway in the area. Looks like it just might turn out alright. Still depressing at times knowing that I am just a couple of weeks away from failing but that is the driving factor in what I do now.