Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life in our house...

Well yesterday was a melt down of a day for us. All three of the kids are coming off being sick. I am finishing up a sinus infection that the doctor gave me some pills for instead of just killing it with the steroid shot that I need to get better instead of having it develop into a chest cold/beginnings of something worse which I have wife now has her once a year sinus infection and our oldest threatened to blow up the house (man he lets his alligator mouth overload his humming bird ass sometimes) at 9pm last night because we told him to get his ass in gear and pull his mediocre grades up to at least A's and B's instead of just coasting and forgetting half his assignments.

AND to top it all off my wife jumps me about eating a plate of pasta for dinner at 9:30pm last night and for eating 3 pieces of a small 8" Kashi Mediterranean pizza for lunch yesterday. All she saw was a small serving that was spread out on the plate to cool off since I cooked and then I got the lecture about "Where is the athletic guy that I married?"; "I don't want to be married to a walking heart attack!", etc... talk about making me REALLY feel like sticking around and wanting to be a part of this. So I pop back with "That SOB didn't have a job, kids, a wife, money or anything else so if you want him then we have a problem!" and "One last thing you haven't called or even made an effort to go/call/make an appointment to see a female doctor since your last one after E was born!"

After that it was quiet for a while until I got a "Sorry honey" and a kiss before she went to bed while I was reading on the sofa to not bother her with the lamp...just another typical day in the home.

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  1. And here it is.

    By the way, I've tried to 'follow' your blog and it won't let me. I just make a point to come check on you from time to time obviously.

    But here it is. I wondered if you family knew you blog. I'm thinking they don't. Mine never did either. I decided if I let them know then I couldn't really be honest and that was the point of me blogging to start with. So I could get things off my chest. Hell, no one was listening to me at home anyway.

    But when everyone feels sick, tensions obviously rise. And I know the pressure you've felt lately - I remember sensing that in 'school'. YOu always handle it well but you are human after all.

    The important thing is for you guys to keep communication going - that being said, still not easy. Sometimes you just don't even WANT to communicate.

    I'm rambling. See, my blog has turned into a facade and it frustrates me. Because I don't know exactly who reads it I can't talk much. Mickey is a hot head regardless of how he seemed in school. The stiffer my arm is with him the better I am. But trust me, his fuse will blow between now and Jan 1 2010.

    communication, communication, communication. That's what I can say. Oh... and TIME TO YOURSELF.